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about:events | March 4 – March 10

about:events is a weekly round-up of upcoming events published every weekend. Here’s what’s happening next week:


Mar 9 – Tunis, Tunisia
Mozilla welcomes anyone – regardless of sex, age, job or gender. WoMoz, short for Women & Mozilla, is a community that believes that the internet must remain open, and that Open Source needs more women. The WoMoz Café in Tunis aims at spreading Mozilla’s technologies among Tunisian ladies and get them involved more in coding and designing. So join us!

Mar 9-20 – Kampala, Uganda
Over the next few weeks, five schools in Uganda will have the pleasure to take part in the Webmaker GenOpen School Tour. From the question “If you had the power to change the web, what would you do with it?” to remixing the web with tools like Popcorn, the students will get to know what open source means for their first time ever.


Mar 10 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
On Sunday, the local Quality Assurance community in Cluj-Napoca will learn how to automate tests using something called Selenium. During this event, the community members will write their first automated tests, whereas they used to do manual testing before. Join them at the WebQA Selenium workshop.

South America

Mar 7 – Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Firefox OS will definitely revolutionize the way you interact with the web on the go. Rather than just using apps, you can also code them! Over 70 students from the Computer Engineering Classes of the UARGM university will get the chance to develop applications for Firefox OS. The Firefox OS Conference will also be about HTML5 and CSS3, two important technologies they can use.


Mar 4 – Moga, India
Mozilla consists of many interesting projects like SUMO, WoMoz, Firefox OS and Webmaker. At Mozmania at the Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Technology, more than 500 students will get to know about these different projects and how to contribute to them, to make the web a better place.

Mar 9 – Manila City, Philippines
MozTour at EARIST, an institute of science and technology, will be the one of the first of its kind: During the interesting workshops, they will be introduced to Mozilla and learn more about the many projects, including how to localize them.

Event Photo of the Week

SLWA group photo from the amazing Mozilla Press Conference at MWC. (By Shezmeen Prasad)

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