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about:events | March 18 – March 24

about:events is a weekly round-up of upcoming events published every weekend. Here’s what’s happening next week:


Mar 19 – Malaga, Spain
Spain is definitely one of the sunniest countries in Europe. What could be better than sitting under the sun? Sitting under the sun while hacking on code of course! This Tuesday in Malaga, you’ll have the opportunity to find out how Firefox OS works and what it aims for during an interesting talk. You’ll get to know about the internals and, last but not least, create your very own app and put it on the Marketplace.

Mar 21 – Budapest, Hungary
The Open Source Conference 2013 is one of the biggest open source conferences in Hungary. While other companies have to pay for the privilege to be at this event, Mozilla was invited to set up a booth and meet the audience. In the developer section, we’ll be talking about Mozilla and Firefox.


Mar 23 – Mombasa, Kenya
If you’re a web developer, the Firefox OS App day in Mombasa will be perfect for you! Firefox OS, our upcoming operating system for mobile phones, will change the way users interact with the web on the go. And by coding apps for it, you can be a part of the developer community. We will celebrate the open source OS and help you getting your very own apps out to the rest of the world. This is definitely a great opportunity to start creating mobile apps for the Firefox Marketplace, but it’s also a great opportunity to demo your project to an audience of peers, tech leaders and innovators.

Mar 24 – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Attention, Mozillians in Zimbabwe: Next Sunday, there’ll be the first meet up ever with Mozilla contributors, focused on telling them about how a community is organized and how to contribute. New or potential contributors will get to know more about the Mozilla project and our goals.

North America

Mar 22 – Toronto, Canada
This Friday’s Game Night at the University of Toronto allows students to come together and celebrate gaming and game culture the only way possible: pure hard core gaming. While Mozilla will also have a chance to present during the evening, the students of all faculties can have an exciting night in the Department of Computer Science.

South America

Mar 23 – Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
Document Freedom Day is a day for celebrating and raising awareness of open standards and formats. People who believe in fair access to communications technology will teach, perform and demonstrate. We will be there to tell you more about how we can make the web more open.


Mar 23 – Makati City, Philippines
Playing games can be very nice. But coding them can be just as much fun! The SMART Game Development Conference will bring together all the main elements of games in one event: From designers to developers, from artists to producers and more. With lots of start ups and established game studios, you can expect a day of cool talks and information sharing. So if you’re into gaming, be sure to visit us!

Mar 24 – Bhopal, India
MozFest Bhopal will be an event where the Mozilla community in Bhopal gathers together to learn about new Mozilla projects, Firefox OS, Mozilla Webmaker and the Hindi Localization of Firefox. There are many interesting sessions on the agenda list, including a WoMoz session. So come and join us next Sunday.

Event Photo of the Week

GirlsAt the March Break Camp 2013 in the Mozilla Office in Toronto, we taught girls how to code and change the web – one website at a time.

Help, I can’t go to an event!

We’ll miss you, but don’t worry! There are lots of other ways to get involved and to find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.