Celebrate Mozilla’s 15th!

Happy 15 Years Mozillians,

This is a big year for Mozilla and for Mozillians around the globe. As you may have heard, last week began a yearlong celebration of our first 15 years – after all, we couldn’t just celebrate 15 years in a single day, right? What Mozilla and Mozillians have accomplished is cause for big celebration.

Mitchell said it best her blog post:

“We are the Web that has become an everyday presence in the lives of billions of people. It’s made their lives better. Mozilla was a big part of this.”

So, let’s celebrate!

Now, we know that Mozillians love their cupcakes but this is about more than that (nothing against cupcakes, certainly). Last week, we kicked off events for Mozilla’s 15th. Folks from around the world shared meaningful moments and memories about Mozilla on Twitter using the hashtag #webstory. Our collective stories embodied Mozilla’s core values and people across the globe were listening. Conservatively, our stories–sent out through over 3,600 tweets–generated over 272 million timeline views on Twitter. (for reference, that’s 133 times Firefox’s daily average) in 92 countries! Keep sharing your stories with the #webstory hashtag!

Now, we’d like to bring the fun a little closer to home. Throughout the months leading up to the Mozilla Summit, each one of our MozSpaces will host a 15-year celebration event. Home Space workers will have a month too! Folks who attend the events in our spaces will have a chance to wear their favorite Mozilla t-shirt and to share their #webstory. We’re going to document it all and share back, time capsule-style, at the Summit in October. If you are nearby to one of our MozSpaces, we invite you to join us for cake (or a cupcake) and toast to the next 15 years of Mozilla.

Events will kick off on Friday, April 19th in Mountain View and San Francisco. Then, from May through September each MozSpace will host an event leading up to a giant celebration at the Summit. It’s 15 years, it’s a big deal, and this is just one more way we are joining the global celebration. Stay tuned for more information from your local MozSpace for upcoming events – and if you want to help join in the planning or have questions, email mozspaces@mozilla.com or #mozspaces on IRC.