One comment on “Milestone: Ad for Firefox in New York Times”

  1. Gervase Markham wrote on

    I don’t have much on this; only a staff meeting agenda which has the NYT ad as a discussion item, and says:

    “- Challenge to fit all the names legibly on one page
    – May end up taking out two ads in successive weeks
    – A double-page ad is ridiculously expensive
    – Ad may (co-incidentally) run around the time of 10M downloads”

    The ad did end up being double-page, run only in a single week., but I believe (although have no evidence) that we got some kind of non-profit rate or discount. Quite a few core Mozillians aren’t in it. I didn’t submit my name because I thought it was a thing for Americans (it wasn’t clear at the time quite how iconic it would become). Mitchell’s not in it either.

    Relevant NYT article:

    Searching for this also showed me an email from a guy, Ethan Dicks, who hosted a Firefox 1.0 Launch Party at the South Pole. Mozilla Antarctica has a long history 🙂