4 comments on “Milestone: Firefox OS launches with first phones”

  1. Jesse Montano wrote on

    Firefox OS has been all talk, planning, meetings and anticipation for years now… from the announcement of the Kilimanjaro project in MozCamp Buenos Aires, to the Engagement Camp in Cartagena with partners. The launch in Spain was the culmination of all of that! It was amazing to collaborate with Mozillians and partners alike and be in Telefonica’s flagship store showing consumers walking past on the street the actual operational OS on devices available for sale for the first time globally! Being able to be at the forefront of global launch in Madrid with other proud Mozillians, demoing the device to the general public for the first time ever and partaking in the excitement globally via social media is a privilege I will not soon forget. Check out our photos from the Madrid Mobilizer activation here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65626504@N02/sets/72157634549202644/

  2. Nukeador wrote on

    Being the first country to launch Firefox OS was a honour but also a responsibility.

    We discovered that we were launching first in Spain just a few weeks before so we had to rush with all the organization for press conference and in street promotion the first weekend.

    The Launch Team did an amazing job and people were amazed about Firefox OS and the new devices:


    This was just the beginning, people now know about Firefox OS and that things can be done different in mobile space, putting the users in control of their experience.

  3. Skatox wrote on

    It was really awesome to be part of the launch team in Venezuela, I was worried at the begining because here the domination of BlackBerry and Android is huge, and launching a new platform without Whatsapp could be a bad move. But after the launch, the feedback from people has been great! All ZTE phone were sold out and the Alcatel is running out of stock. People is asking for more phones.

    Also it was great to see local companies, news providers, etc. To launch local applications at launch, something not seen in other OS.

    It’s really great to see how people are on the streets with Firefox OS phones, and Mozilla it’s getting even more popular in the country thanks to phones. This is just the begining of a new era.

  4. Arturo wrote on

    Being part of the launch team for Firefox OS in Venezuela was the biggest challenge that i have successfully completed in the recent years, it was so awesome to be part of it, yet it was really hard to keep up with everything, lots of information needed to be requested and sent, and also as the team lead, my job was to be sure that everyone had whatever they needed to accomplish their objectives, oversee the overall performance of the team and also make any last minute call in order to get all the work flow move without problems. It was hard, but it wasnt impossible, we mozillians can make anything possible! Im very proud of being part of this incredible team of amazing people.