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We have added some new profile fields on, our community directory, to answer common questions Mozillians often have for each other. Take 2 minutes to update your profile and add your timezone, other accounts, when you got involved with Mozilla, what you do for Mozilla and your t-shirt size. Plus, make sure you have a nice profile photo showing your face, which is especially helpful for finding Mozillians at events like the Summit.

You can edit your profile to add more information

You can edit your profile to add more information

The new profile fields make it easier to see how people contribute for Mozilla, add external accounts to collaborate with Mozillians and share your t-shirt with people who make t-shirts. With these new fields we have added a privileged privacy level and multi-value fields. Here’s are the new fields you can add:

  • Timezone
  • Accounts on other websites (like Bugzilla and Github)
  • When did you get involved with Mozilla?
  • What do you do for Mozilla?
  • T-Shirt Size

T-shirts and privileged information

When you set your t-shirt size, your size will only be visible to a few people thanks to our new ‘privileged’ visibility level. Only those who need sizes for ordering t-shirts and admins will be able to view your t-shirt size. I’m especially excited about this field, since we will no longer need to ask Mozillians for their t-shirt size, and those who make t-shirts for Mozillians will have accurate sizing information.

T-shirts! You can add your size to your profile and it is only visible to a few trusted t-shirt people

T-shirts! You can add your size to your profile and it is only visible to a few trusted t-shirt people

Multi-value fields for accounts

We have added accounts for other sites and services that Mozillians often use. We created multi-value fields for the accounts section, so you can add multiple accounts for each service. For example, if you have two Twitter usernames, you can add both of them.

Give it a try

That’s a lot of new goodness for profiles. Be sure to edit your profile to include this information – it only takes a moment. If you see any issues with these site, file a bug and we’ll look into it. profiles are now filled with more useful information profiles are now filled with more useful information

11 comments on “ profiles are now even more awesome”

  1. Archaeopteryx wrote on


    thank you for the improvements. The “What do you do for Mozilla?” has a low character limit. Furthermore, you are pretty optimistic that we all remember in which month we joined the community 😉

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the improvements! The character limit for “What do you do for Mozilla?” is intentionally low in order to briefly summarize what each person does. If you want to explain more about what you do, you can add that in the Bio section. And for the month when you got involved with Mozilla, we are optimistic that people will remember or can look it up (remember your first bug?). If some people don’t remember, the best guess works too 🙂

  2. Brian King wrote on

    Looks great. In View Profile mode, how about having all the new accounts in the right sidebar (with email, irc, and web link) instead of hidden away at the bottom?

  3. Nukeador wrote on

    I’m getting “Select a valid date” error in “When did you get involved” field using the UI in Spanish.

    1. William Reynolds wrote on

      Are you selecting both a month and a year for that field? Both are required. Please open a bug and describe the issue there. Thanks for finding this Nukeador!

      1. Arturo wrote on

        Having the same issue as Nukeador, after selecting both month and year, there is an error saying: Select a valid date, this seems to only apply on ES version of mozillians

        Reported on bug #914448

        1. William Reynolds wrote on

          Thanks for confirming. Yes, this is a valid bug. We’ll try to fix it soon, and we accept pull requests if you or someone you know would like to fix it sooner 🙂 Leave a comment in the bug or stop by #commtools if you’re interested.

  4. Sören Hentzschel wrote on


    nice improvements. I suggest a Mozilla Rep profile field. 😉

  5. flod wrote on

    Great features, but right now my Mozillians profile is a lousy mixture of English and localized strings (and I’m wondering how many strings are hard-coded).

    This should not happen in localized projects, localization should be a key part of the schedule.

  6. AlisonW wrote on

    In my belief that you should always list the languages in which you can interact with others in their own language (eg. ‘Deutsch’ not ‘German’) I was disappointed to find I could not enter “Français”. I’m probably (definitely!) not the only one who will want to enter a field not in US-ASCII character set. Otherwise, great work!

    ps. Would be nice for readability if I could put a blank line in my bio to separate paras. I tried \n and but neither work. A possible improvement?

  7. Ashickur Rahman wrote on


    Thanks for the improvement. I have one more request for Mozilla support. Can we use the user number like 521640 ( ) on the Mozilla Support field, and make it hyperlinked with Mozilla Support profile?