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Firefox OS in Venezuela – The Launch Team

Do you know what it is like to prepare a press conference, throw a fabulous party, and spend countless hours educating people about the newest phones and software to hit the shelves? These guys do. They have dedicated their time to help bring our wonderful ideals and open resources to their country and they have achieved a very smooth launch for our new Firefox OS phones too. As one of the first countries to launch Firefox OS in Latin America, they have set a great example for other Mozilla communities to follow. Keep reading to get to know the team.

Arturo Martinez (Thephoenixbird) – Team Lead & Marketing Lead


Here is Arturo hanging out with our mascot.

Arturo is the Team and Marketing Lead of the Venezuela team. He is an Electronic Engineer & Front End Web Developer. Spreading Firefox awesomeness since 2009, once a Mozilla Student Rep., currently a Mozilla Rep Mentor, Mozilla Hispano Mentor, Firefox OS Marketing Maniac and a Mozilla Evangelist promoting the Open Web, Free Software and Tech Culture and Firefox Love around the world one airport at a time.

Johan Gonzalez – Communications Lead


Here is Johan presenting at a Mozilla event in Venezuela.

Johan Gonzalez, our Communications Lead, promotes and encourages the use of free software. He is a software engineer and web developer. He has been working in the Mozilla Hispano community since 2011 and is currently a Mozilla Rep for Venezuela. He is also a great player, both online and off-line, as he loves video games and shooting hoops.

Miguel Useche (Skatox) – Social Media Lead


Miguel presenting at an event.

Miguel is our Co-Social Media Lead for the Venezuelan team. He is a Web Developer, University Professor, Mozillian, Blogger,Hardcore-Linux-fan, Geek and a proud Venezuelan. However, don’t be fooled by his serious resume as he loves riding his skateboard and playing PlayStation 3 and PC games along with coding and promoting open source software.

Manuel Camacho – Dev Eng Lead


Check out Miguel rocking his Firefox Polo.

Manuel is our Development Engagement Lead. He is a Web developer, a python Developer, a server builder, mechanical engineer, and a founder of the Mozilla Venezuela community. He was the first Mozilla rep in Venezuela. Manuel is actually a scuba diver on his free time; he loves the open web and the open sea just the same!

Romina Guerra – Social Media Lead


Here is Romina looking very fashionable with her Firefox wear.

Romina is our Co-Social media lead. She is a software engineer, university professor, social media addict, and animal lover. Spends most of her time teaching her students some Open web extracurriculars and spreading the word about Mozilla and the community they have built in Venezuela. And, with all this on her plate she still has time to keep up with the latest fashions!

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