5 comments on “Milestone: Mozilla sets a Guinness World Record for downloads”

  1. Gervase Markham wrote on

    I remember going to that party; it was in London. That’s me peering over Tristan’s shoulder. 🙂 The funny thing is that the certificate says 8,002,530, but the real figure should be 8,002,529 because the guy adjudicating the record downloaded it once and that download should have been subtracted because it wasn’t supposed to count 🙂 (Presumably because judges aren’t supposed to affect the outcome.)

    The party was a bit of a drag, actually – it seemed that there were loads of people there with very little connection to Mozilla, after the free beer. I seem to remember it wasn’t organised by core Mozilla community members. 😐

  2. William Reynolds wrote on

    This brings back great memories. Participating in the Firefox 3 Download Day was the first time I got involved with the Mozilla community and ultimately led me to becoming a Mozillian.

    This campaign was a fun way to both spread Firefox and also learn about the good things Mozilla does. When talking with people about Firefox, I still meet people who participated in Download Day and found out about Firefox because of it.

  3. John Slater wrote on

    This was one of my favorite days at Mozilla. The main specific work-related recollection I have is being in the main room at Bldg K in the old Landings Dr office and watching the download count go higher and higher with the rest of the team there. A very celebratory day for sure! (I also remember an epic ping pong game with you, David.)

    Related to the Firefox 3 launch, it was really fun working on the robot imagery that accompanied some of our promotions. Here’s the final product, as well as a sketch of the work in progress for those interested in behind-the-scenes stuff:


  4. Tyler Downer wrote on

    This was one of the first community events I remember. I had begun looking into contributing to Mozilla, and found out about the Download Day. I put links on my personal blog, and was very excited to have hit the record. A few days later, I filed my first bug, and thus began a still continuing adventure 🙂

  5. Tristan wrote on

    Wow, great memories!

    I was an avid reader of the Guinness book of record when I was a kid, and back then I was dreaming that I could be part of a world record. It happened thanks to Mozilla! So while I was very proud to be the person receiving the frame from the hands of the Guinness representative, it had a special taste, the taste of a wild dream who became reality!

    As you can see, I was really proud: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nitot/2701376144/

    Gerv, here is a picture of you during the party, with the frame: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nitot/2674621126/

    When I came back to the Paris office (the only one in Europe at the time), we celebrated this once again with the team: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nitot/2673444799/ (Pike, Gandalf, Pascal & co).

    In short, these are fantastic memories, thank you David for bringing them back!

    PS: other pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=guinness&w=19663157@N00