Tag. You’re Recognized!

The Crafty Group wants YOU to help recognize contributors! We are making a special effort to make some  handmade love for our amazing contributors. We have gotten some cool craft supplies that anyone can use. Here is how:

Step one: Pick a person to recognize! Or just decide to make one with a more generic message that can be shared. Your message should be short, but personal, an IRC handle or group or both can be perfect. Even just ‘Thanks’ will bring a smile to the face of a Mozillian. Someone hacked a fox, I mean really … props for being awesome whoever did that?!?!


Step Two: Go find the supplies. If you are in Mtn View, or San Francisco ask a Larissa! Larissa Co in MV and Larissa Shapiro in SF have the supplies. We will be getting more supplies out to more offices soon (If you want to be the supply host for your office please let me know (binab on IRC) or just join Crafty!


Step 3: Hammer. It really is that simple. Well, make sure your letters are right-side-up. It usually take 3 solid whacks, If you whack with greater enthusiasm maybe only 2, if your whack veer towards timid then maybe 5, you get the idea.


Step 4: Holes, there are tags with and without holes.


Step 3.5 (for those with no holes in thier tags) Don’t feel bad, you get to use the cool little screwie thingie! Just set it and tighten down until it is through. Then you will need a ‘jump ring’. This will connect the ball chain and hole you made.

IMG_3822 IMG_3830

Step 4: Attach the chain. Mostly these are cool key chain/luggage tags etc. so 3″-4″ of chain at good, if you think they might want a necklace, add more. Cut the chain with pliers or scissors, you could probably brake it in a pinch if you channel your inner Hulk.


Step 5: Use the little connector thingie. I know there are a lot of ‘thingies’, I’m technical like that.


Step 6: Mail it! Write a nice note to be included. If you need help with this step please ask your Crafty Office Helper. They should be equip with awesome handmade cards. But you need to get the address, we aren’t psychic. I know I know I should know everything, but I still haven’t perfected my psychic geo-location powers. I’m working on it.