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Making your Data Work for you with Mozilla Rally

Every week brings new reports of data leaks, privacy violations, rampant misinformation, or discriminatory AIs. It’s frustrating, because we have so little insight into how major technology companies shape our online experiences.  We also don’t understand the extent of data that online companies collect from us. Without meaningful transparency, we will never address the roots of these problems. 

We are exploring ways to change the dynamics of who controls our data and how we understand our everyday online experiences. In the coming weeks we will launch Mozilla Rally, a participatory data science platform for the Mozilla community.  Rally will invite people to put their data to work, not only for themselves, but for a better society.  

Working alongside other mission-aligned partners, we’ll shine a light on the Internet’s big problems.  We’ll explore ideas for new data products that tip the balance back to consumers. And we’ll do all of this out in the open, sharing and documenting every part of our journey together. You can sign up for the Rally waitlist to be notified when we launch.

Stay tuned!

May 5, 2021 Update: Mozilla Rally is now live for desktop Firefox users in the US.