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New Firefox Aurora is Ready for Download and Testing

The latest Firefox Aurora release is now available for users to experience the future of Firefox. This release is focused on delivering performance enhancements and optimizing memory utilization. It also includes new Web and server technology and tools that will allow developers to build performance tests directly into the browser to help Firefox become even faster!

New in Firefox Aurora:

  • Performance Enhancements: Faster startup time on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Optimized Memory Use:
    • Improved memory management: For many users, memory use is reduced by 30 percent or more, responsiveness is enhanced
    • The JavaScript garbage collector runs frequently to free up more memory when Firefox is idle
  • Firefox Sync: Bookmarks and passwords now sync instantly
  • Enhanced Font Rendering: Fonts are rendered clear and sharp

New platform features and developer tools:

  • Telemetry: Users can opt-in for automatic memory usage, performance testing and reporting to help improve future versions Firefox
  • Web timing spec: Measure performance characteristics of websites as users experience them
  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas: Canvas-based animations on the Web are dramatically faster
  • Support for CSS3 Text-Overflow: ellipsis: New and more elegant way to display text content that has overflowed its given layout area

If you already have Firefox Aurora installed, you will receive an automated update notification in the next few days. To check if you are running the latest Firefox Aurora, go to the “About Aurora” menu to apply the update manually.

You can help us make Firefox better. Get the latest Firefox Aurora, test the new features and give us your feedback.

More details on Web platform and developer features: