Firefox for Android Beta Improves Phishing and Malware Protection

A new Firefox for Android Beta is available for download and testing. This update makes mobile browsing faster and safer. Search suggestions make it easier for you to get what you want on the mobile Web, and improvements to phishing and malware protection keeps you safe from malicious websites.

  • Search Suggestions: Firefox for Android Beta suggests search terms as you type, to make navigating the mobile Web even quicker and easier. When you start Firefox you will see a box asking you to opt-in to search suggestions when you start typing into the AwesomeBar. Click “Yes” to enable. For your protection, search suggestions are conducted over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Improvements to Phishing and Malware Protection: To protect users from malicious websites, Firefox for Android Beta warns users when they encounter websites that may be used for malware or phishing. Firefox for Android Beta presents you with a warning page and allows you to exit the operation before loading a potentially malicious website.

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