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Firefox Beta includes Per Window Private Browsing

An update to Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux is ready for download and testing. Firefox includes a new feature for private browsing, a new experience for downloads, and a handful of exciting developer features.

  • Per Window Private Browsing Mode: Firefox makes it possible for you to view a Web page in private browsing mode and regular browsing mode simultaneously, in two separate Firefox windows. You can easily open a link in a new Private Browsing Window, just right click on any link and choose “Open Link in a New Private Window.”
  • Updated Firefox Download Manager: Firefox makes downloading content from the Web even easier. You can view and monitor download progress right in the Firefox toolbar rather than a separate window.

Download Manager

  • Plug-in warning: When a plug-in hangs for more than 11 seconds, Firefox will notify you so you can restart the plugin rather than restarting Firefox, allowing you to keep browsing the Web, uninterrupted.
  • getUserMedia: A new HTML5 DOM API that allows the browser to capture local camera and/or microphone streams directly, without the need for third party plugins . It allows JavaScript developers to quickly and easily write code to access the user’s camera or microphones. gUM is the first API component of WebRTC, which enables real-time, interactive, peer-to-peer audio/video calls and data sharing.
  • Developer Toolbox: Firefox Beta now includes the developer toolbox, providing quick access to popular developers tools such as the Web Console, Debugger, Inspector and Style Editor in one handy window.
  • Canvas Blend Modes: Canvas Blend Modes allows developers to define how they want canvas to draw an image over an existing image, for example by changing pixel color values to create different visual effects.

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