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Test all WebRTC Features in Firefox Beta

The latest Firefox Beta is ready for download and testing and includes includes WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) capabilities to enable developers to easily integrate real-time communications , including voice and video calls and file sharing, across the Web.

  • WebRTC: Firefox Beta includes WebRTC components that enable developers to easily integrate real-time communications across the Web, whether on websites or mobile web apps. The components DataChannels and PeerConnection along with GetUserMedia enable the Web with Real Time Communication capabilities including video calls and file-sharing between browsers.
  • OdinMonkey: Firefox Beta includes OdinMonkey, an asm.js optimization module for Firefox’s JavaScript engine, that allows developers to deliver gaming performance that rivals native speeds without the need for plugins and enables developers to create visually compelling and fast gaming experiences on the Web. Together with Epic, Mozilla recently showcased this by porting Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 to the Web and demonstrating Epic Citadel running in the browser.
  • HiDPI support for Windows: For Windows users, Firefox Beta includes HiDPI support. Firefox Beta now follows Windows’ display scaling options to render text larger on high resolution displays.
  • Web Notifications API: Now developers can create simple notifications for Web apps using this Web Notifications API. With the notifications API, developers can alert Firefox Beta users to a specific event, such as a new email or Tweet.
  • Font Inspector:  The Font Inspector allows developers to see what fonts are being used on a specific Web page, to make adjustments or matches based on the type of design. The Font Inspector displays the font with editable “Abc” placeholder text, names the typeface and shows the @font-face CSS.  The Font Inspector allows developers to visualize font usage for the selected element and it supports pages that use the new web fonts.

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