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New Tab Page Experiments in Firefox Beta

Back in May, I let you know that we were running some experiments with the new tab page. I wanted to share a quick update on our progress and thinking as we expand testing to Firefox Beta.

We’ve learned a lot. We’ve experimented with every part of the new tab page – the size, layout, number of tiles, their UI, as well as varying the kinds of content we show. We’ve seen that some tiles don’t work at all, and some tiles get 50x the interaction we’d expect from industry benchmarks. We measure those interactions because we think they’re a proxy for giving users something valuable.

We’re really excited about the good stuff we can bring to users by working more closely with content providers and leading by example. This is new terrain for us, though, so we’re being deliberate about testing as we go.

Our next step is to extend these tests to the Firefox Beta channel, starting with our English locales. Our early results are promising, and we’ll keep measuring and refining until we’ve got it right.