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Help Test Experimental WebRTC Communications Feature in Firefox Beta

With today’s release of Firefox Beta, we are introducing an experimental Web Real Time (WebRTC) communication feature that aims to offer more value to Firefox users and we’re calling for your help to test it out and let us know what you think.

There are a growing number of online communication services which are incompatible with each other, making it hard to communicate with your friends and family who might not have the same service, software or equipment as you. In order to use one of these services, you have to register an account and also give up your personal information in exchange for the right to use the services.

We’ve been testing WebRTC in experimental builds of Firefox for the last few months and today are expanding these trials to Beta to get more user feedback and for load testing purposes. With this WebRTC experiment we’re aiming to simplify video and audio communications by building an integrated communications feature directly into Firefox. It’s free to make voice and video calls and there’s no need to download software, plugins or even create an account, it’s ready to go immediately when you open Firefox Beta.

Mozilla has been pioneering WebRTC in a number of areas, from our industry-first implementation of DataChannels, to the first WebRTC call between two major browsers. With this experiment in Firefox Beta we’re continuing this momentum and increasing the value of WebRTC to Firefox users and developers.

So why not give our experiment a test drive. You’ll notice the product feature identified by a phone icon on the toolbar.

Please remember to share your feedback and file any bugs as we continue to improve performance and features around this WebRTC experiment.

We’ll have more to share as this product feature progresses.

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