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Web QA Contributors

The Web QA team is always looking for new contributors! People often come to our team page hoping to find something to work on. While we encourage people to browse the project documentation, that is only the first step to becoming involved with the team. We hope that everyone will find a project they love working on, and also that they get to know the Web QA team- which includes both employees and contributors.

You can work on exploratory testing, running test cases, or bug fix verification. We find that people get the most out of working with a particular team. In order to do that we encourage people to get IRC running and then hop into one of our channels. Our team spends most of their time in #mozwebqa.

But this post is about our AWESOME Contributors!

We want to publicly acknowledge the valuable contributions of our community contributors! Their work helps build and guide the quality of all of our Web QA projects. They make it possible to do more and with higher quality than we could ever achieve on our own.

From the Web QA Team to all of the people who are helping us out – we really couldn’t do this without you!


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