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Summer Projects for Mozilla Web QA

Who is eligible?

Are you a recent graduate, or a student on your summer break? Are you looking for a good summer project? The Web QA team has a lot of opportunities for learning automation, Python, and Selenium.  There are also some opportunities for manual testing. Use your summer to dive into a coding project, or just build up your GitHub portfolio with real world coding contributions.  There is space for anyone who has the time to contribute- regardless of whether or not you’re a student.

What do you need to get started?

  1. Some background in coding is helpful, it doesn’t matter which language. We have plenty of tasks that are great for beginners.
  2. A willingness to learn! We have loads of helpful documentation if you’re willing to read and try new things.
  3. Tenacity and curiosity. These are crucial skills for QA folks.
  4. Just a few hours a week.

That’s it! Get in touch with us and let us know if you have the time and interest and we’ll find you a project to work on. We’ll want to know what you’re interested in working on, what skills you have , what skills you’d like to learn, and how much time you have to work on a project. We can find tasks that are quick or very complicated, depending.  Send  email: or to, or catch us on IRC in #mozwebqa.

What is ready to go:

Examples of what is up and coming:

  • New features on One and Done – creating new tasks, searching, profile changes
  • New features on Affiliates like the vouching system

What do you get out of it?

First and foremost you are contributing to Mozilla by helping the Web QA team! We rely on contributors like you- Mozilla couldn’t exist without support. You also get the satisfaction of contributing to an Open Source project- all of your work will be visible to the world. There are lots of opportunities to practice your skills and learn new ones. You will be building up a digital GitHub portfolio by contributing to our projects. You’ll also meet and interact with other contributors and staff. There are no guarantees, but we prefer to find future Intern and Staff positions from people who are already known in the Mozilla community.  You’ll be using our tools, getting familiar with our projects, and learning our style of doing things .

Get in touch and let us know you’re interested in helping out so we can get you started!

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