Results from the 2016 Round 1 Pilot Period

The 16 weeks between May 16 and September 4 were very busy for the nine Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund grantees. During that period, gigabit-related applications were developed to advance the internet and to help educators and students realize the potential power of gigabit internet connectivity. Applications were created with impacts ranging from increasing reading comprehension to understanding the environmental impacts of wastewater in architecture to creating virtual reality worlds to engage learners immersively. Some of the most significant outcomes can be found on the infographic below.


The most encouraging result of these projects was the fact that they all plan to continue to the next phase of development, scale and expansion to new communities, both within our Gigabit city network and beyond. You can read more about each of the grantees and learn how to get involved on our new website. While the second round of Mozilla Gigabit funding has officially closed, stay tuned for our next announcement of new grantees coming in early January 2017.

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