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Firefox is Always Open for Internet Health

My apartment building has a community garden. The building owner started it with a donation of raised beds and soil. What happened next amazes me to this day.

One day tools appeared, the next a shed to store them. Seeds were planted. Someone put up string trellises for tomatoes. No one took credit. When one of my neighbors moved, she took seeds from the garden to start one just like it for her new home.

The magic that created our little garden is a little like open source code, the kind that makes Firefox so special. The Mozilla community works together to make Firefox an outstanding browser used by hundreds of millions of people around the globe, just as my neighbors contribute to the garden.

The Mozilla project had become larger than any one company by creating an open community. Firefox is our pride and joy, and it stands for choice in how people can build and experience the Internet.

The Mozilla project was created in 1998 with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code. From the outset it was open source, a method to harness the power of a community to create Firefox, an alternative to the then all powerful Internet Explorer.

Within Firefox’s first year, community members from around the world had already contributed new functionality, enhanced existing features and became engaged in the management and planning of the project itself.

Firefox is now in its 57th release and is still powered by a community of volunteers. Firefox is a symbol of what’s possible because of open innovation and an open web, principles worth fighting for that are under threat today.

Why open source matters for Firefox

Openness sparks innovation. If the Internet at its infancy was closed, it never would have become what it is today. In being an open network with no one entity controlling it, the web allowed anyone, anywhere to create a whole new way to communicate.

If the Internet were a closed system, it’s possible that it would have continued to be a series of independent networks that didn’t interact and wouldn’t have allowed users the freedom to find vital new voices and projects. We wouldn’t be able to surf from link to link, uncovering new information we never knew was out there waiting to be discovered.

Open source also means more interoperability. We want websites that load on any computer or phone. Without a commitment to open source and open standards, it’s possible that manufacturers would create websites and browsers that only work on their machines. That means less choice and less control.

Open source not only prevents the few from deciding for the many – it also makes Firefox better. The more people who can experience and test a set of code, the more likely any bugs will be smashed and great ideas will become part of the project. Think about it: Products made by more people leads to products that are closer to what users want. Four engineers in a room can make an amazing app. Four thousand around the world can change entire systems.

Firefox will always be powered by open source

Mozilla now has hundreds of engineers working on Firefox, and people contribute to Mozilla code base in many ways, from finding bugs to building Firefox for Android.

Any engineer can use Firefox’s code and Mozilla’s rendering engine, Gecko, which powers Firefox, to create their own independent browsers. This is how Tor, which lets users hide their Web browsing, was built.

Rust, created by Mozilla and used in Firefox, is a programming language that runs blazingly fast and makes website more secure. These organizations use Rust and there are many more just like them.

The Mozilla project is a global community of people who believe that openness, innovation and opportunity are key to Internet Health. Firefox will always be open source and if it ceased to be, it wouldn’t be Firefox any longer. Firefox shows what’s possible when we choose openness over closed, corporate ecosystems. Together, we can create faster, safer web experiences for everyone.

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  1. Annette Cairns wrote on

    Congratulations on the amazing work your volunteers are doing ! It is good to know that so many people want the Web to be healthy.


    1. amir.h wrote on



  2. D.S. Ferguson wrote on

    So many have said it, in so many ways. The bottom line is: Freedom of speech is the BASIS of democracy.


    1. Robert Sadler wrote on

      Speech has always been free; it’s what happens after you’ve spoken that is important.


  3. Lorna wrote on

    This article explains in simple terms a concept that I didn’t fully understand before . Thank you!


  4. harry jayanth wrote on



  5. Bekalu Endalew wrote on

    God bless all of you!


  6. C Astley wrote on

    Mozilla Firefox stands for freedom fairness and honesty. Great Volunteers keeping it one of the best browsers on the internet.


  7. kundan prasad wrote on

    it is really great to work with mozilla………………


  8. John Manimas Medeiros wrote on

    Freedom of speech requires freedom of the internet.


  9. Maggieoodles wrote on

    Deeply moving. Keep up the good work! *high five


  10. Ray Lesley wrote on

    I have used every kind of a server and there is no comparison to Mozilla(FIREFOX) It’s the best.Only problem that i ever had is the crashing several times a day when i am playing a game. outside of that i am glad that i have a server that WORKS!! TY again for the wonderful server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Porter Robinson wrote on

      Mozilla Firefox is not a server. It’s a web browser.


  11. cfamil wrote on

    time to surf the healthy internet with free malware like wannaCRY


  12. Irish Frog wrote on

    I am grateful for all the folks who keep Firefox going and growing. Also I am very grateful for all the folks who help with community gardens in both your location as well as many more throughout our great country. Sharing, learning, helping and enjoying all are traits which those gardens grow as well as the food which is produced in them. How fun that we all can take part in getting our hands dirty in a group effort to produce some great tasting food as well as a good time feeling with our neighbors.


  13. David J. Williams – Deland, FL wrote on

    🙂 What I came to know ( and I’m old enough to remember the ‘before’….) as the ‘world wide web’, or the ‘information super highway’, I don’t believe anyone could have expected the exponential expansion of this technology. However, if the ‘internet’ can be likened to the ‘human mind’, with infinite capabilities, then just as no one should control your mind, no one should control your internet. <3


    1. judith hollis wrote on

      Well said, I couldn’t agree more with you!


      1. judith hollis wrote on

        GOOD COMMENT!! Absolutely agree with you.


  14. Polash Afzal wrote on



  15. manoj pant wrote on

    googal is not working


  16. Hammad Ali wrote on

    this so boring so slow


  17. Jimmy Mu wrote on

    the browser is tool, I like this tool, I also like it which we can use it to make me feeling is better then another

    best regard


  18. Jimmy Mu wrote on

    just real feeling, what is very important for us


  19. Robert Sadler wrote on

    “Open source also means more interoperability. We want websites that load on any computer or phone. Without a commitment to open source and open standards, it’s possible that manufacturers would create websites and browsers that only work on their machines. That means less choice and less control.”

    “Open source not only prevents the few from deciding for the many – it also makes [project] better. The more people who can experience and test a set of code, the more likely any bugs will be smashed and great ideas will become part of the project.”

    I tried to become involved in the development of HTML5, ePUB and LibreOffice, but it soon transpired that the few in charge were pushing their ideas to the exclusion of any other people’s hands-on suggestions, as well as marking serious bugs as insignificant because it only affects a small group of users. My conclusion is that, although open source is a noble concept, it mostly fails to deliver software that is the culmination of 40-plus years of computer programming, as everyone does what they want to do and don’t do the stuff that needs to be done: new features are implemented instead of flawed code fixed.

    Unfortunately I must include Firefox in the above generalization, as it has bloated from a lean HTML renderer to a suite with many non-related functions. But that would be acceptable, if it could be possible to choose exactly which parts of the Firefox suite one would like to install, instead of everything as the only possibility.

    The solution to any problem, given that the source code is open, is usually to fork to a new development. Divide and conquer, as the adage goes, and soon we see three or more similar projects going slowly nowhere due to lack of support – financial and skills.

    As an aside, I have noticed that most open source projects, in their ultimate goal, try to emulate propriety software, i.e. a kind of follow the leader mentality, instead of innovative thinking.


  20. delx wrote on

    Its the open source nature and the collaboration of thousands of volunteer that makes Mozilla a truly unique organization with an amazing goal. I truly love firefox and use both on my computer and my android device. I just want to say a great thank to those people that made it possible. Wish I can contribute something back, but I neither have the money (I am student right now), nor do I have enough coding skills to contribute back. Again thanks and keep up with your progress and never bow down!


  21. Lucky wrote on

    Moz://a means more see love


  22. Rizalina Cantoria wrote on

    always be in constant trend of
    new development for the technology


  23. Aluta hani wrote on

    This is all amazing!!!!!!


  24. wrote on



  25. Tony Ramos wrote on

    so far so good for 2 weeks …securities is the best and hope it will continue like that…congrats………… keep the job great… Thanks you….


  26. hafiz wrote on

    this so boring so slow


  27. Margo wrote on

    I am new to this as I was running Internet Explorer for XP.
    Now when I down load a program such as updates I would like to see a choice of where to save it ie, C:/, D:/ My Documants etc. Please any advise to an Oldie.


  28. Damien wrote on

    Well done guys, keep it up. Love urban gardens, open spaces.


  29. BIC2025 wrote on

    Thanks for All you do for the Fox Community & others! I have an inquiry…what’s going down with the new bill just passed for FCC to breakdown the NET…privacy out the window & gov’t intervention???


  30. viduranga wrote on

    thank you firefox and firefox team. for creating such a amazing products . i feeling lucky (more than about google) . open source really matter for make internet healthy ❤️️ you Firefox


  31. peter metcalf wrote on

    Scanning the article, it seems you only have one paragraph devoted to community gardens. If you are really interested in supporting community gardens, here’s a well established and productive organization worthy of support by everyone, including corporations: Planting Justice


  32. Gregory C Ladas wrote on

    Good Luck.


  33. en. sherif samy wrote on

    Congratulations on the amazing


  34. Kennedy H. wrote on

    It is great that you guys care so much about the internet, and how we use it. I am very proud that I am using Firefox. Please, keep up the good work, and I will keep supporting! 🙂


  35. abas essien wrote on

    It is great that you guys care so much about the internet, and how we use it. I am very proud that I am using Firefox. Please, keep up the good work, and I will keep supporting! 🙂


  36. swatantra chauhan wrote on

    It is great that you guys care so much about the internet, and how we use it. I am very proud that I am using Firefox. Please, keep up the good work, and I will keep supporting! 🙂


  37. ANTHONY OMELEBELE wrote on

    Great job firefox


  38. amir.h wrote on

    Congratulations,Great job firefox


  39. Robert wrote on

    While I applaud Mozilla for being open source and embracing a healthy internet, I can’t
    help but notice that they have suddenly decided to stop supporting Mac OS X 10.7.5 by
    eliminating updates past version 48.0.2.

    This is the second browser, behind Google’s Chrome, that has decided that my very
    accessible (by voice-over) platform is no longer worthy of getting updates.

    I wonder who made this decision, and why?

    What’s not present in my current OS that is catered to by the “new” system?

    Why would I want to spend money I don’t have, to update to a system that
    is (reviewed as) WORSE than the one I am already running?

    Granted, my Mac itself is fairly new hardware, but to no longer have access to
    updates, for no real good reason, beyond “planned obsolescence”, is quite
    appalling to me.

    I’m glad I can still use the browser, but I wonder if I’ll be able to stay safe
    in the current situation? I guess there’s not many alternatives left.

    I’ll keep hoping that Open Source wins out in the end, but cutting people
    off from updates based on “almost nothing” just doesn’t make sense.

    Enjoy your open and free internet, but at least “you” now know that
    all is not as it seems, because the industry has decided for you.

    Take care my bretheren !


    1. Tiffiny wrote on



  40. Tiffiny wrote on

    Google is recomended on the Firefox screen.but Googleis not doing anything like that for Firefox.

    why is that?


  41. chandu naresh wrote on

    I prefer to use Firefox over chrome as it does not force anything on me.

    Chrome forces the Google and its products on the users.

    Firefox is always a choice for freedom


  42. Ron McCumber wrote on

    To start with I have been with Microsoft for around 25 yrs. I am an Windows 10 Insider on the Fast rung for 2 1/2 yrs which would make me 1 of the oldest Insiders around. That said I do not like the direction M/S is going like you I believe in freedom & privacy on the Web. I personally have none, they follow me around like a puppy dog which thrills me to no end. I am fairly safe here because I am on a Firefox-Mozilla browser, If I were on the Edge they would be reading every word I am writing. That gets old after awhile, if I didn’t have so much invested in equipment I would be looking for another O/S to be running on. I have been using Firefox-Mozilla browsers for quite a few yrs. now. I fact until 10 came along that is about I used. I used to play around a little bit with Opera’s Developer because they would let you work on them. If Firefox Mozilla had an O/S I would be on it tomorrow. I like being an Insider I am one on both PC & Mobile although these days there isn’t as much to do. It was a different story when I first started, it was crash city. The reason I keep saying on the fast rung is 90% of all Insiders are on slow. They send us an ant farm, by the time it get to the slow rung most of if not all the bugs are gone. Trust me I am not scared of M/S I know a whole lot more things on them then they want me telling anyone. It is just I am 63 retired & don’t put up with some of the crap they been pulling. I am not a tech but have often fixed things that some tech can’t. I kind of work outside of the box, as far as Education I hold a B.S.B.A. in accounting and a minor in economics & communication. I live in Columbus Ohio


  43. petrus wrote on

    Thanks to FIRE FOX my MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP has new liife after Google gave up


  44. Farai MISIHAIRABWI wrote on

    Mozilla Firefox is the best


  45. Roberto wrote on

    Scrivo in italiano. Mi considero un grande ammiratore delle idee e del lavoro svolto dai collaboratori di Mozilla Firefox. Sono in sintonia con il loro orientamento tecnologico, civilmente umano, sinceramente amichevole ed interculturalmente condivisibile. Il loro impegno e le loro attività fanno parte di ciò che più apprezzabilmente e concretamente possono migliorare i valori, le qualità e le capacità degli uomini e delle società del nostro tempo. Quindi, oltre a ringraziali, paleso e confermo la mia gratitudine.
    Motivatamente, mi attendo però una maggiore loro attenzione nel migliorare il livelli di protezione e di assistenza per quegli internauti che, come me, non hanno una buona preparazione tecnico-informatica. Grazie ancora e buon lavoro.


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