People in the Philippines Love Firefox

After previously reaching this milestone in Indonesia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and (most recently) Bosnia Herzegovina, Firefox has now surpassed 50% market share in two more regions – Slovakia and the Philippines.  These numbers come from Net Applications’ March 2009 report (note: regional breakdowns require a subscription).


As we noted a few months back, the important metric to follow is the *trending* of the numbers, versus the absolute numbers/levels themselves (see here for a full description of market share methodologies).  With that approach, Firefox has seen continued rapid growth across many regions – since November, we’ve picked up more than 3% in Hungary, the Philippines, Poland, and Bosnia Herzegovina, along with an astounding 5% in Indonesia and Macedonia.

A big round of applause is due to the entire Mozilla community.

(Please note: we haven’t yet officially announced Poland as having crossed the 50% mark, as Gemius’ market share data shows Firefox at about 45%.)