Mozilla as a Data Driven Community

I wanted to share my slides from last week’s analytics discussion at the Mozilla all hands meeting.  With those in attendance, we were able to successfully identify several ways in which the metrics team can be working in closer collaboration with other teams across Mozilla.  In addition, here are a few points of context that may not be evident via the slides below:

  • Mozilla is already doing a great deal as a community and organization to be data driven in our actions and decision making
  • That said, we’re just starting to scratch the surface
  • Looking forward, my hope is that folks across Mozilla will rely more often on the analytics/metrics team before decisions are made and early on in initiatives (i.e., not just after the fact).  In other words, the potential here for greater impact (e.g., on the experience of Firefox users) and improved sustainability presents us (all of us) with many great opportunities.

Let me know what you think!

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