Presenting at eMetrics Conference

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak at and attend my very first eMetrics Summit this week.  I’ve shared my slide deck below, but before getting to that, I wanted to share some highlights from a few sessions I attended:

  • Chris Daniels from Stubhub walked through their use of Foresee.  Through an innovative implementation and application, Stubhub is able to allow customer satisfaction to drive most actions and initiatives across their organization.  In other words, they know that if they improve a particular step in a user’s experience by X%, it’ll increase overall customer satisfaction by Y%.
  • There’s a solution that allows organizations to tie PR and social media mentions to “view-throughs” and conversions.
  • Expedia and combine a couple solutions to drive “voice of customer” impact across their organization.  If a customer has a problem on their site and leaves feedback, Expedia is able to play back (like TiVo) that customer’s exact session on their site and precisely pinpoint the problem encountered by the customer.

These are just a few highlights from the conference.  Moving on to my session from yesterday, I presented alongside three innovators within the analytics world:

  • Stéphane Hamel – Stéphane created the Firefox add-on WASP, which allows web analytics professionals to understand how their web analytics solution is implemented and where potential problems lie.
  • Phillip Klein – Phillip is the founder of BTBuckets, a free on-site behavioral segmentation and targeting platform that creates segments based on behavior (e.g., recency, frequency) and presents specific content to different site visitors.
  • Eric Peterson – Eric is a thought leader in the analytics world.  He showed off his newest invention – Twitalyzer, a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user or brand.

Please click below to view my presentation.  While I mostly shared interesting insights previously showcased on this blog, I ended my talk with a somewhat new topic – the role of Mozilla’s Mission and how it relates to metrics.  Let me know what you think!