People in Vietnam Love Firefox 3.5

With the recent launch of Fx3.5, we wanted to take a quick look at adoption patterns across the globe.  With the chart below, we took the number of Fx3.5 users in each region over the past week and divided it by the total number of Firefox users (all versions) in each region over the past week.

For some additional context, the average was around 11% and the U.S. was at 9.6%.

Could state/enterprise adoption be driving what we’re seeing in Vietnam?  Lars Adermalm and several other community members in Vietnam recently pointed us to these two posts (from Jean Chrisophe André and David Trembly’s blog).  Full text in Vietnamese is available here.


By the way, I know how much Chofmann and other folks like this type of report (e.g., we previously looked at Fx2 usage by country).  We hope to have this type of data more easily accessible in the future.