Hello — We are the team at Mozilla focused on analyzing data and sharing insights about our products.

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Blake Cutler, Analytics Guru

Blake first contributed as a 2008 intern, working on many things related to metrics and user experience.  He has since returned to lead our web site optimization efforts and to help support our community in all ways quantitative.

Chris Jung, UX Analyst

Chris joined Mozilla in 2010.  Chris is focused on helping the Test Pilot team, UX team, and broader community do amazing things with our Test Pilot data (user feedback and usability research data).

Hamilton Ulmer, Very Applied Mathematician

Hamilton, our newest member, joined Mozilla in August 2010.  He’s focusing on a number of fun projects, including helping the Test Pilot team analyze study data, engineering statistical learning algorithms for various projects, and perpetrating general hackery.  You can follow him on twitter at @hamiltonulmer.

Ken Kovash, The Numerator (a.k.a. Manager of Analytics)

Ken joined the Mozilla team in 2007 after spending a few years at the University of Chicago (both as an MBA student and a post-grad economic researcher). Passionate about the quantitative aspects of marketing and strategy, Ken oversaw the task of determining what our metrics mean, how we can improve our organizational decision making, and what we can do to improve our performance.

Alex Polvi, Untitled

Polvi (now with Cloudkick) did an assortment of things, e.g., worked on figuring out how to instrument Firefox in a privacy sensitive way. Go beavs.

Eric Hergenrader, Analytics Intern

Eric, a senior at Stanford, joined Mozilla as a 2009 intern.  Eric described several of his key projects on this blog during the ’09 summer.

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  1. Benjamin Chuang wrote on :

    This is great. I used to work on the Netscape Client, when mozilla was still in the AOL MV 21. I used to talk to Asa (and others alot), and there were always a pile of problems where we would say: “I wish someone that actually had a clue about numbers/statistics/math, etc.” would help us with this question…

  2. Benjamin Chuang wrote on :


    ..seems to be broken, it goes to content that looks like the home page… (didn’t know where else to put this… sorry

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