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EU Digital Markets Act makes it easier for people to pick the software of their choice

The European Parliament has today adopted its negotiating position on the draft Digital Markets Act. As we’ve noted before, this law has the potential to improve competition and empower consumers online. Below we share our thoughts in reaction to the European Parliament’s vote today.

Mozilla statement:

“With today’s vote, the European Parliament sends the clear signal that gatekeepers must not undermine merit-based competition. The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) gives consumers and businesses more freedom to deploy and use a variety of non big-tech software that can shape our lives in pivotal ways. We stand ready to support EU lawmakers in getting this ambitious new regulatory standard over the line.

People deserve a variety of products that are personalised to their preferences and localised to their communities. When it comes to software products, people should have the ability to simply and easily try new apps, delete unwanted apps, switch between apps, change app defaults, and expect similar functionality and use. The same is true of operating systems and online marketplaces—developers and merchants should be empowered to offer their products to consumers on an even footing with gatekeepers. This means gatekeepers must respect consumer choice and make space for competitors. A software war is still taking place and tech giants control the space. We look forward to European authorities enforcing these rules – with strength.” – Mozilla