Mozilla Mornings panelists

Mozilla Mornings on addressing online harms through advertising transparency

On 29 October, Mozilla will host the next installment of Mozilla Mornings – our regular breakfast series that brings together policy experts, policymakers and practitioners for insight and discussion on the latest EU digital policy developments.

A key focus of the upcoming Digital Services Act and European Democracy Action Plan initiatives is platform transparency – transparency about content curation, commercial practices, and data use to name a few. This installment of Mozilla Mornings will focus on transparency of online advertising, and in particular, how mechanisms for greater transparency of ad placement and ad targeting could mitigate the spread and impact of illegal and harmful content online.

As the European Commission prepares to unveil a series of transformative legislative proposals on these issues, the discussion promises to be timely and insightful.

Daniel Braun
Deputy Head of Cabinet of Ms. Věra Jourová, European Commission Vice-PresidentKarolina Iwańska
Lawyer and Policy Analyst, Panoptykon Foundation

Sam Jeffers
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Who Targets Me

With opening remarks by Raegan MacDonald
Head of Public Policy, Mozilla Corporation

Moderated by Jennifer Baker
EU Tech Journalist

Logistical information

29 October, 2020
10:30-12:00 CET
Zoom Webinar (conferencing details to be provided on morning of event)

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