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Hello Mozillians!

Welcome to the Mozilla People Teams first blog! Before we get to TRIBE, I wanted to give a huge thank you to Mardi Douglass who is the master mind behind creating one central, public place that Mozilla’s People Team will use to continue our efforts to share and be open.

This year we kicked off our beta program of TRIBE. If you haven’t heard about TRIBE, you’re in the right place.

TRIBE: which stands for Taking Responsibility In Being Excellent (shout out to Brett Gaylor who came up with the acronym like magic) is modeled after our LEAD program. We created LEAD as a developmental program for designated leaders at a Director level position within the Project. The program was incredibly successful and the rest of the organization were asking for opportunities to participate. We deconstructed the content from LEAD and created a 5 session program called TRIBE. Allowing us to bring consistent language, learning and tools to the broader core and active Contributors in the Project and ultimately the culture of Mozilla.

What We Did In Our Beta Year
In 2013, we just started to get our feet wet. We offered a total of 9 sessions and had a total of 217 Contributors that completed at least one session of TRIBE. We also launched a Train the Trainer program as a way to train Mozillians to be facilitators for for future TRIBE Sessions. Effectively handing the curriculum over to Mozillians to bring it further into the project. So far we have 4 Mozillians who have undergone rigorous training and will begin leading sessions in 2014. They will be joined by another 6 Mozillians who will step in to begin the process to facilitate in 2014 as well.

What Can You Expect In 2014
With so many Mozillians joining the team, you can bet we have some big plans for TRIBE in 2014. Our main goals for the program next year will be to:
  1. Develop the remaining curriculum for our last two sessions. Launching the first of those sessions called Working With Others. This session will focus on skills like acknowledgement and recognition, a culture of accountability, and fostering team play among others.
  2. Host at least 28 sessions globally next year, in either Paris, San Francisco or Toronto
  3. Scale the program to more core and active Contributors. We’ll be looking to partner with REMO and other community leads to help us.
  4. A registration tool that also allows participants to create profiles to track their progress.
  5. Kick off badges and other social tools that keep our TRIBER-s connected.
I’m In! Next Steps
If you can’t wait to get started, you’re in luck. Tomorrow, December 19th at 3:00pm GMT or 7:00am PST (for west coasters reading this today), we will open up the registration form. We decided to do it this way so all geographies had an opportunity to read this note, and review the schedule before we launched registration. Given how quickly slots filled up last time, we thought this gave everyone an equal opportunity to sign up.

Visit our wiki page for links to the sign up forms:

Remember, we require that Awareness Of Self be completed before you can sign up or attend and of the other sessions. The language and skills you learn in Awareness Of Self are fundamental to understanding and succeeding with the rest of the skills we’ll teach you in the remaining sessions.

Once you’ve completed Awareness of Self, you are welcome to take any of the remaining sessions in any order. We’ve made sure to kick off the first part of next year with several Awareness Of Self, so sign up early. If you have questions, you can reach us at or in #peoplepeople in IRC.

A huge thank you to: Debbie Cohen, Kate Roeske-Zummer , Athena Katsaros,  Tristan Nitot, John Slater, Anika Briner, Michelle Marovich, Viking Karwur, David Tenser, Dia Bondi, Matej Novak, Mihca Degele, Angela King, and Maya Barrow for doing one, many or all of these: creating curriculum, facilitating, leading from the back of the room, keeping us organized and stepping up to help continue our journey next year.

See you next year!
ami_ty on IRC
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