Global Wellness Initiative Guiding Priciples

In January of this year, we kicked off a project, with a group of ~50 passionate employees, to help design a Global Health & Wellness Initiative for Mozilla. Our goal was/is to use a participatory process to deliver a v 1.0 initiative by the end of Q1 2014 guided by the following principles:

  1. The new initiative will be global – all MoCo employees will be eligible irrespective of family size, benefits enrollment, or country of employment.
  2. The new initiative will not be a cash program (i.e. individual submissions for reimbursements).
  3. The new initiative will be exclusively aimed at facilitating access to wellness, with an extensive definition of wellness defined by the working group – which will include individuals from across the project, not just the People Team.
  4. In the design, we will incorporate concerns of ease of administration, acknowledging and learning from the struggles people have experienced with the current program.

Over the course of several weeks, the working group converged on the assignment and amassed their suggestions, opinions, and resources on this etherpad.

With the end of the quarter now looming, the benefits team has spent a number of weeks reviewing the input, categorizing it, and producing an an early model of what our initiative could look like. Because it’s a first stab at organizing and formalizing the possible direction of this program, it is fragile.  We will ask the group for very specific types of feedback so we can course-correct, review, ship.

We will share the model here after we’ve shared it with the working group, as well as the process we’ll undertake to move it from v .01 to v 1.0.


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