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Hello Mozillians!

So much amazing has happened since our last blog post. As of today, 259 Mozillians have started their individual journeys. 38 of us have completed all four sessions of TRIBE already!

The momentum of the TRIBE program is strong. Each month, we’re watching more and more Mozillians build self-awareness around their strengths and limitations,take responsibility for the outcome they create, and embrace failure as a key part of success. These skills, while important in life in general, also line up with how we measure performance/impact at Mozilla.

What’s more, we have some incredibly aggressive goals this year. If we are to be successful, we need to continually focus on how we work together. Our community is the bedrock of everything we do and the TRIBE curriculum exists to help us keep it strong and healthy.

And, we have lots of fun too! For those of you who respond best to data and results, here’s a quick overview… numerically.

TRIBE by the numbers:

417 chairs filled by Mozillians attending one or more TRIBE sessions…so far
259 people know how to play in outcome creating – go find them!
118 people this year have committed to finding a mentor
70 people know if they’re a Danger, Charm, Humor (or other) type and how they impact a room
35 stuffed animals were tossed to help tell a story
17 rolls of blue tape have been used to step over, shift perspectives or lead a marble to a team’s basket
15 workshops have been completed in the past 4 months

These aren’t just numbers, what these tell us is that there’s no shortage of people you can reach out to as part of your own tribe… and if you haven’t yet signed up for a session, there’s still time this year! We don’t want anyone left behind.


Speaking of sign-ups, the time has come to register for TRIBE sessions through the rest of the year. Registration will open on Thursday, May 1st at 2:30pm GMT / 3:30 BST / 7:30am PST

A couple of thoughts before you commit:

  1. Last Minute Cancellations: impact the whole TRIBE. We need a minimum of 14 people to host a workshop – if we have last minute drop outs, we will cancel sessions. Please make sure you can attend the dates you sign up for – don’t let your fellow TRIBEr’s down!
  2. Spread The Word: to local active contributors in your area or if you are a manager, reach out to your direct reports who are interested or you know would benefit this week. We have been asked to allow a few more days before registration opens so everyone has a chance to sign up – make sure you’re fellow Mozillians check their calendars now.
  3. Double Up: If you need to travel to attend TRIBE, we ask that you align your travel with a workweek or other business need. TRIBE is only two days, and we’re sure there are more ways to connect to other Mozillians while you are in town.

If you are interested in registering for a workshop, the schedule and links to sign up are located on our wiki:

What else is happening in the world of TRIBE? Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to:

  1. Working With Others: the newest workshop added to our TRIBE curriculum. This session focuses on numerous skills including acknowledgement/recognition, creating a culture of accountability, and fostering team play. Looking for ways to work better together? This is a great place to start!
  2. Mozillian Co-facilitators Graduate: we have graduated some pretty Moz-tastic folks who will step in to co-facilitate future TRIBE workshops. So far, Anika Briner, Debbie Cohen, Mihca Anderson, Tristan Nitot and Amie Tyrrel are among the ranks. Additionally, Michelle Marovich, Matej Novak, John Slater, and David Tenser will round out our next round of graduates this year.
  3. Strengths Tool: our very own Blake Winton was so inspired after taking Awareness Of Self, he created a tool that lets Mozillians share their strengths with each other – it’s incredibly cool! Check it out and add your strengths to the mix here. Thanks Blake!
  4. Tribe Badges: Growth takes time and dedication, and that’s what TRIBE is all about. We thought a little recognition was in order for all our TRIBE participants so we have given out badges in to you all. If you have already completed any of our TRIBE sessions you should have receive your TRIBE badge via this week!

What’s Coming Up Next:

  1. Additional 2014 sessions: the TRIBE team is also looking at adding sessions. Stay tuned as we work through this.
  2. Scaling to more volunteers: though the program has always been open to active contributors, over the next two quarters we will look at more creative ways to involve more volunteers. This may be through additional sessions before Mozcamps or mini versions of our workshops held locally. We will reach out again soon to give more details on this.
  3. Open Badges: we are working with the Open Badges Team to get TRIBE badges included in this program. While we are currently giving out badges via, we are striving to ensure all Mozillians have access to badges for the program ( is limited with what it can do) and can share them publicly or on their mozillians profile. We have also heard from Mozillians that we should all be using more of our own tools – and this is one way we can do that.

That’s all from us for now. Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 1st – spots fill up quickly. If you have questions, you can reach us at or in #peoplepeople in IRC.

ami_ty on IRC
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