Global Wellness is alive.

This post is meant is a kind of wrap up, the third and final book in our trilogy. After a 3.5 month design process that involved 60+ people, the first iteration of Mozilla’s Global Wellness Initiative goes live tomorrow. The new program, unlike its predecessor, is available to all benefits-eligible Mozilla employees and offers everyone the ability to receive reimbursement for wellness-related expenses up to an annual maximum dollar amount. In addition, there is a general interest program element that will be designed in partnership our employees over the next few months (general interest programs might include things like corporate weight loss programs, Mozilla sports teams, and onsite nutrition and/or parent coaching.)

This new Wellness program feels right for our employees but not because it’s now available to everyone, but because of how it came to be. We blogged about the process here and here but think it’s worthy of one final note on the eve of go live.

Companies generally don’t design employee benefits with their employees, it’s simply not done. Programs that are not otherwise mandated by government are typically designed by benefits people along with insurance brokers and consultants. In many cases, Mozilla included, this is the very best way for organizations to make sure they have access to, and offer, the most competitive programs. In some cases doing it this way is simply easier.

But we are different.

Sometimes being different means things are harder and sometimes it means things take longer. In the case of transforming Health & Wellness into Global Wellness, it meant both. Designing a benefit with 60+ employees was nothing short of amazing.  Having done it effectively (albeit with bumps along the way), the Global Wellness Initiative that will go live tomorrow is shining example of what a truly participatory culture can reap.

The People Team would like to thank every person who contributed this program and to those who will continue to contribute.

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