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Firefox OS Shows Continued Global Growth

Firefox OS is now available on three continents with 12 smartphones offered by 13 operators in 24 countries. As the only truly open mobile operating system, Firefox OS demonstrates the versatility of the Web as a platform, free of the limits and restrictions associated with proprietary mobile operating systems.



Three new smartphones have just launched in India and Bangladesh over the last few weeks, offering not only more affordable choice but the advent of a brand new ultra low-cost category.

Firefox OS is now available in Central America through Telefónica with launches in El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, and Deutsche Telekom launched the first Firefox OS devices in the Czech Republic and Macedonia.

“The flexibility and open foundations of Firefox OS give operators more choice and empower OEMs to deliver smartphones at more affordable prices,” said Neil Mawston, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics. “As Firefox OS continues its expansion into key growth markets such as Asia, Central and Latin America, it has emerged out of the ‘other’ category as one of the top platforms for the global smartphone industry.”


Strengthening Presence in Europe

  • Deutsche Telekom via congstar was first to start selling ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire E devices in Germany. These are now available online at and in more than 700 Telekom shops across the country.
  • Telefónica’s O2 Germany started to sell its first Firefox OS devices, the Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire E smartphones.
  • Telefónica via Movistar started to sell ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire C devices in Spain.
  • With the launch of the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire E, Deutsche Telekom brought Firefox OS smartphones to the Czech Republic for the first time.
  • Deutsche Telekom via T-Mobile Poland started to sell the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire E in Poland.
  • Deutsche Telekom via COSMOTE started to sell the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire E in Greece.
  • Deutsche Telekom launched the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fire C with Firefox OS in Macedonia for the first time.

Bringing Firefox OS to Asia

  • ALCATEL ONETOUCH launched the Fire C and Spice Retail Limited also introduced the Spice Fire One Mi – FX 1 across India.
  • Intex Technologies introduced the Cloud FX as the first Firefox OS smartphone in India, introducing a new device to the ultra-low cost category of smartphones.
  • Zen will launch a Firefox OS phone in the ultra-low cost category in India in October, bringing the number of devices for sale to four.
  • Telenor expanded its reach of Firefox OS phones from Europe to Bangladesh with the latest version of Firefox OS in the new GoFox F15. This includes better imaging features such as pinch zoom, HDR and a self-timer.
  • KDDI recently confirmed it will release a Firefox OS phone and the release of an app development platform consisting of the Open Web Board, an HDMI-based development stick based on Firefox OS within Japan.

Expanding Through Latin America

  • In the past few months, Telefonica has brought Firefox OS to El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala with the launch of the ZTE Open II. Telefonica will also launch the Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire C device in Costa Rica before the end of the year, completing the Firefox OS footprint in Central America.
  • Telefonica Uruguay added three new Firefox OS devices to its portfolio: the ZTE Open C, ZTE Open II and Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire C. Telefonica customers in Colombia and Peru can now purchase both ZTE Open II and Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire C devices.
  • Telefónica will launch Firefox OS devices in Argentina for the first time before the end of the year and, with the addition of Ecuador in the coming months, Firefox OS will soon be present in all of Telefónica’s Latin American markets.
  • América Móvil, which launched Firefox OS phones in Mexico earlier this year, is committed to continue expanding its offering in Latin America.

“Mozilla’s mission has always been global but the successful launch of Firefox OS in Asia in the last quarter proves that this mission appeals to one of the fastest growing populations in the world.” said Li Gong, President of Mozilla. “The expansion of Firefox OS into a brand new category of smartphones, along with the continued growth of new form factors holds great promise for the adoption of open Web technology and for enabling millions more people to access the Web.”

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