An Update On The Open Standard

Last year, we launched The Open Standard as an independent news source highlighting the role and impact of open systems at work in the world and in our lives — across education, government, science, technology and other industries. We believe open systems, like the Internet, are important because they enable experimentation, participation and collaboration, ultimately resulting in more innovation and opportunity for more people. The Internet is an example of one of our most important open systems, and Mozilla’s mission is focused on keeping it accessible to all.

While we were publishing The Open Standard, we were able to create and curate stories that resonated well with our audience. At the same time, we found it hard to strike the right balance between editorial independence and Mozilla’s interests, and we also found ourselves in the middle of some conversations that were unproductive. So we’ve decided to take a step back from this editorial project, and get really clear on the stories that will matter most to people and be most helpful in explaining the benefits of open systems like the Web.

In the meantime, we have other resources where you can learn about the issues, ideas and products we’re working on. You can visit our main website, our blog, @Mozilla or @Firefox to get updates and insights on our Firefox products and services, our technology innovations, our policy and advocacy work and education programs. Each of these efforts is in service of empowering people to take control of their online lives and contribute to a Web that is open and accessible to all.

For questions about The Open Standard, please contact Mary Ellen Muckerman, Mozilla’s VP of Brand Engagement, at