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The Mozilla teams blog about a great variety of topics, such as updates on our products and initiatives, Mozilla’s efforts around privacy and security, developer documentation and demos, community news and much more. Below is an overview of the most important Mozilla Blogs to help you navigate through Mozilla’s Blog Universe.

The Mozilla Blog

The main Mozilla blog for all official news, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project. Expect to get updates on new Firefox releases, announcements on new initiatives and products and other major news from Mozilla. If there is only one blog you would like to follow, this is the one!

Future Releases

The Future of Firefox Blog is for everyone who wants to know what is going on with the current Firefox beta and aurora releases, for both, desktop and mobile. Learn more about upcoming features, help us testing and give feedback.

Mozilla Privacy Blog

The Mozilla Privacy Blog covers the latest developments in privacy and data safety. Expect to get updates on Do Not Track, our privacy policy efforts and other major privacy initiatives coming from Mozilla.

Mozilla Security Blog

The Mozilla Security Team blogs about news and developments in browser security, gives updates on Mozilla’s security review and testing processes, fixes and much more.

Identity at Mozilla

The Mozilla Identity Blog is the home of the Mozilla Identity Team. This blog updates you on the latest developments of BrowserID and Persona, Mozilla’s new identity system for the Web, purely based on e-mail.

Advancing Content

The Advancing Content blog highlights the work of Mozilla’s Content Services team. The team is working to create new areas of value for users, while enhancing their control, and build a more sustainable Web. The team works with publishers, advertisers and digital businesses to bring these innovations to life. This blog updates you on our work to improve the state of digital advertising, increase transparency, understanding and user control.

Mozilla Hacks

Mozilla Hacks highlights, documents and demonstrates what Mozillians are doing with Firefox and the open Web. Developers will find a great variety of articles, surveys, how-tos and cool new demos. Users who are not too deep into technology and developing might still find the demos really interesting.


The Webmaker Blog highlights Mozilla’s efforts to teach and improve Web literacy around the globe. It features news from Mozilla’s learning communities — like Hives and Clubs — updates on tools and tactics for teaching the web, and experts’ opinions on how to enhance education through technology.


This blog is made for and by the Mozilla Community. It is for everyone who wants to be up to speed on what is happening with Mozilla’s worldwide contributor base, including event updates, community tools, spotlight features and helpful tips and tricks for volunteers.


More Mozilla Blogs


Lizard Wrangling: Mitchell on Mozilla and more

Mitchell Baker is Chair of the Mozilla Foundation and leader of the Mozilla Project. On her blog, Mitchell blogs about Mozilla, user sovereignty and the open Web.


Mozilla Press Centers


The Mozilla Press Centers contain blog posts too – and they are currently available for eight different regions and in six languages. For news, press announcements and materials for your locale, please visit one of the following press centers: