What’s happening with Firefox for Android Support August 8, 2013

What’s going on this week in Firefox for Android Support

[Michael has an awesome post every week about what’s happening overall in SUMO for desktop, Android and Firefox OS. Check out the August 5th, 2013 edition of what’s happening in SUMO].

Current release is Firefox 23 for Android which was released last Tuesday August 6, 2013. Great release so far! There are some Android 4.3 issues  (Google released Android 4.3 roughly a week ago!) which so far aren’t too major.

Upcoming releases:

Firefox 24

  • It’s research time! Check out the research thread for Firefox 24 and if we have missed a feature please add it to the thread. Thanks to yalam96, nyselvey, and Waka_Flocka_Flame for helping out with Android research so far.
  • Firefox 24 beta 1  comes out tomorrow Friday August 9, 2013 and there is a permissions bump (see research  thread) so we’d like to finish that article today. It should be easy; it currently looks like we only have to document two new permissions: “record audio” and “control Near Field Communication.”. Let’s finish today  Thursday 8 August 2013. Interested? Edit the following article and ping roland via email (rtanglao or IRC (rolandtanglao in #sumo)

Or help us with existing articles


  • Roland on vacation August 12-14 (Tyler will cover); Roland working on Eastern Time July 24 – August 9

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