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Senior Firefox Community Support Lead – it’s you we’re looking for!

Lionel Richie - Hello?

  • Ever loved a piece of software so much that you learned everything you
    could about it and helped others with it?
  • Ever coordinated an online community? Especially one around supporting users?
  • Ever measured and tweaked a website’s content so that more folks could find it and learn from it?

Got 2 out of 3 of the above?

Then work with me (since Firefox works
closely with my area: Firefox for Android and in the future iOS via cloud services
like Sync) and the rest of my colleagues on the fab
Mozilla User Success team (especially my fantastic Firefox savvy colleagues over at User Advocacy).

And super extra bonus: you’ll also work with our
fantastic community like all Mozilla employees AND Firefox product
management, marketing and engineering.

Questions? Email me rtanglao AT mozilla.com or click on the Senior Firefox Community Support Lead link and start the process of applying!

(flickr photo credit: rubbertoe)