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Protect Your Machine From Losing Internet Connectivity Due to DNSChanger Virus

On Monday July, 9, 2012, approximately 250,000 internet users may lose access to the internet because of changes made to their computers by a malicious virus. The virus that caused this problem is commonly referred to as “DNSChanger”.
If your computer is infected, your computer may be accessing malicious DNS servers that would give fake answers, alter your searches, and promote fake and dangerous computer products. In addition, an infected computer will show you an altered version of internet sites. There are many ways a machine could have become infected with the DNSChanger virus including not applying operating system, browser, and browser plugin security updates.
On July 9, those malicious servers that your computer may be communicating with will be shut down by the FBI. If you are infected with DNSChanger, you will lose access to the internet.
We’re reaching out to as many internet users as possible in order to avoid any disruptions in internet service Monday. Here are a few things you can do now to see if you will be affected by this.
How can you detect if your computer has been infected with DNSChanger?
There are multiple websites that have been constructed to help users determine if they are infected with DNSChanger.  A full list, available in multiple languages, can be found at:
Each site is designed a little different; however, the site will state whether or not your computer is infected  by displaying a green or red graphic.
If you see a message like the following:
then you are not affected by DNSChanger and no action is needed.
What can I do if my computer has been infected with DNSChanger?
If the Check-Up Site indicates that you are affected then either follow the instructions on that site or go to the page. This page contains links to detailed tips, tools, and procedures on removing the effects of the DNSChanger virus.
How do I protect my computer from viruses in the future?
Ensure you are regularly updating your operating system and web browser. It’s also important to ensure your plugins are up to date. Check out the following page to learn about keeping your plugins current:

3 comments on “Protect Your Machine From Losing Internet Connectivity Due to DNSChanger Virus”

  1. Gaurav wrote on

    Thank you for letting us know. Can this malware effects all over the work or just USA.

  2. Renee wrote on

    Should we disconnect our personal computers to avoid being infected by this virus?

  3. Daniel Veditz wrote on

    This virus affected computers in several countries, not just the USA. The US FBI is involved because they participated (along with Estonian police) in nabbing some of the cyber-crooks. See for more information.

    There is no need to disconnect your computer: this spread of this particular virus was stopped long ago. The problem arises for people who are already infected–disconnecting now would be closing the proverbial barn door. In fact the reason for the news is that the FBI is tired of running the crook’s DNS servers and will be shutting them off. Infected folks will be effectively disconnected from the internet unless they know how to fix the settings changed by the virus.