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Hi there! We hope everyone had a GREAT month. As you all know, the FSA Program is back on track with new structure, new changes, and exciting updates. You may have received the October newsletter already. Here, we will go more into detail about what’s going on to keep everything transparent and to keep you in the loop. It’s a long blog post, but you will be updated!

New Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve recently became an Ambassador in the last 3-4 months, we’d love for you to complete the Beginner’s Guide. It’ll teach you about Mozilla, about our products, and about this program. Be sure not to skip any steps! After completion, you may receive your first FSA Open Badge.

FSA x Maker Party Badge

There’s now a special badge EXCLUSIVELY for Firefox Student Ambassadors! If you’ve planned and hosted a Maker Party at your university or in your local community, you can now apply to receive a FSA Maker Party Badge. But wait! Make sure you’ve filled out the event reporter and/or wrote a blog post (with photos) about what happened at your Maker Party. If you haven’t hosted a Maker Party yet, start planning with your friends or Firefox Club and #TeachtheWeb today!

Say Hello to FSA E-Board & Regional Ambassador Leads!

    • Student Working Group and Rep Advisers have merged to create the FSA Executive Board. Regional Marketing Ambassadors have been revamped to create one single body that include Reps called Regional Ambassador Leads.
    • FSA E-Board consists of dedicated contributors to the FSA community. They make decisions on the overall structure of the FSA Program. It’s a small team, but it’s doing big things for you!
    • RALs are Reps and experienced FSAs that help advise new and existing Firefox Clubs in their country. Say hello and thanks to your new mentors! Reach out to your respective RAL when you begin planning events in your region.
    • E-Board and RALs are selected based off of nomination. All of them have contributed tremendously to the Mozilla community before being chosen. A new round of election will start every 6 months. As you become an FSA, work hard and you can one day be given the opportunity to join!

App of the Month Contest

    • A winner has been announced for September’s theme Educational App. Congratulations to Siddharth Pharate from Firefox Club @ MITCOE! Check out his HTML5 Edu App.
    • For September, we allowed Appmaker apps to be submitted in celebration of the relaunch of the Contest. We want to thank everyone who entered! There was one that stood out: Chaitali Kulkarni from Mozillian’s Arena. Check out her Appmaker Correct It App.
    • October’s theme is Local Holiday. Make an app about a holiday in your country so we can celebrate together! Keep in mind that starting October, all submissions into the Contest must be a quality HTML5 app submitted into the Marketplace.

Official Firefox Student Ambassadors Group

    • Although only recently launched, we are receiving many requests to join and are slowly filtering through all the requests. To speed up the process, you may request for a current member that you know to add you, decorate your cover photo/profile pic with Firefox-related images to be easily identified, or change your work title to “Firefox Student Ambassador”.
    • Know that there are regional groups out there ran by the community that you may join too to receive support such as:
      1. Firefox Student Ambassadors India
      2. Firefox Student Ambassadors Indonesia
      3. Firefox Student Ambassadors Bangladesh
      4. Firefox Student Ambassadors Philippines
    • There’s also a way for you to chat with other Ambassadors through our IRC channel #firefoxstudents.

Official Hashtag!

    • Our official hashtag is #FirefoxStudents. Anytime you have something to share online relating to Firefox and the FSA Program, be sure to include the hashtag so others may find your post, like it, and share with their friends!

Club Lead Training

    • A new Club Lead Training process is being created by our E-Board’s VP of Club Development and will be launched this month.
    • What this means is all previous applicants who’ve applied to become a Club Lead will be notified. The training will be much more extensive to prepare an FSA to become the leader at their university. All existing Club Lead will also be asked to participate in the training.
    • Applicants who didn’t previously apply will have an opportunity to be entered in the new training as well.


    • If you are hosting an event in the upcoming months, we’d love for you to include it in our Events page on our wiki. It is currently under construction and will be relaunched this month.
    • In addition to the relaunch of our Events page, there will also be a way for you to request Swag for your event – but wait, before you get too excited, remember that there are limited gear to go around! It will be a strict process. But we’re always here to support you, swag or not.


    • There are so many of you doing GREAT work around the world. And don’t worry, we’ve noticed them all. A new recognition system is being put into place. We’re getting you new badges, certificates, and ways to be acknowledged by the whole FSA community. You love your job as an Ambassador and we love you back for it!
    • Look for the Recognition page on our wiki to be released.

Always Check the Wiki

With the Program going through exciting changes, new information will always be updated on the Wiki. When the new Club Lead Training, Events, and Recognition launch – they will first appear on the Wiki before anywhere else. The Wiki is our main FSA Portal and where you can access the things you need.

Thank you everyone for your continuous contributions to the FSA Program. Whether it’s a simple tweet about Firefox or a large Webmaker event to educate people about the Web, you are part of a global mission to keeping the power of the Web in the hands of users everywhere. And you are all doing GREAT. Keep rocking and always strive for more.


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