MochiTest Maker

April 18th, 2008

Just something I threw together this morning: MochiTest Maker. It’s a pure HTML+JavaScript environment for writing MochiTests. It’s not as full-featured as the real MochiTest, as you can’t set HTTP headers or include external files, but it should serve for a lot of simple web content tests.

Ideally at some point I’d like to add a CGI backend to this so you could specify a directory, and have it generate a patch against current CVS to include your test in that directory. That would lower the bar even further for getting new tests into the tree. Another cool addition would be to integrate this with my regression search buildbot (currently offline), so that you could write a mochitest and then with one click submit it to find out when something regressed. That shouldn’t be hard to do, but my buildbot needs to find a more permanent home first.

I think there’s still a lot more we can (and must) do to lower the bar for writing tests. We need all the tests we can get!

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