MozillaBuild 1.3

June 16th, 2008

I’ve just released MozillaBuild 1.3, which you can download at your leisure. Major changes from 1.2 include:

  • Includes Mercurial—so now you should be able to build mozilla-central out of the box
  • Added support for using both the Windows Vista SDK and an older Platform SDK at the same time, if you’re using Visual C++ 2005 Express and playing Microsoft header bingo. See the build prerequisites page for more information.
  • Added manifests to some exe files for better Vista compatibility
  • Startup scripts no longer use the rxvt terminal. I realize that some people may not like this, but we’ve had plenty of complaints about rxvt’s suckiness as a terminal, so I don’t think it’s really any worse. The real impetus here was that trying to use Mercurial to connect to a repository over ssh was essentially broken for the first-run case, when you have to accept the server’s key, which wasn’t acceptable to me. As a plus, if you create a shortcut to whichever start-msvc batch file you’re using, you can use the properties dialog to customize its appearance as you would any other command shell in Windows. I may investigate a better replacement console for a future release.

MozillaBuild 1.3 screenshot

As usual, if you have any issues, you can file a bug in the MozillaBuild component.

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