more tests, kthx

January 16th, 2009

Josh recently landed a test plugin, with the intent of finally getting some test coverage of our plugin-handling code via mochitests. This is awesome, as plugins are an area of code where we’ve caused lots of regressions in the past, and until then had zero automated test coverage. After it landed, I took a peek at the code and noticed that it would be pretty easy to extend it to make it usable in our layout tests (reftest) as well. I just landed some patches to add this functionality, so we can now test that our layout of plugins doesn’t regress. If you’d like to write some reftests yourself using this, you can check out the basic tests I added along with the patch. (Note: it’s mac-only at the moment, but there’s gtk2 code ready to land any minute now, and a win32 implementation should be forthcoming.)

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