MozillaBuild 1.4

July 24th, 2009

MozillaBuild 1.4 is now available for download. This release focused primarily on compatibility with systems running the x64 edition of Windows. It also contains a few other niceties such as a newer version of Mercurial and other tools, and support for all known Microsoft SDKs. You can view the full list of changes from version 1.3 here.

3 Responses to “MozillaBuild 1.4”

  1. Nils Maier Says:

    You reverted the change to use wow32 cmd [1] again in [2].
    This again will make bash fail to fork, at least on Win XP x64.


  2. tmielczarek Says:

    This was intentional, as the MSYS update should have fixed bash to work on x64. Multiple people have reported that it worked fine for them.

  3. swsnyder Says:

    This page has not been updated to reflect the new version:

    Also, thanks for your efforts in making MozillaBuild available.