Sheriff Survey Results

June 23rd, 2017 by cbook
first a super big thanks for taking part in this years Sheriff Survey – this helps us a lot !
Here are the results.
1. Overall “satisfaction” – we have asked how People rate their interaction with us (from 1 (bad) to 10 (best)
So far from all results:
3,1 % = 5
3,1 % = 7
12,5 % = 8
43,8 % = 9
37,5 % = 10
2. What can we do better  as Sheriffs?
We got a lot of Feedback thats its not easy to find out who is on “sheriffduty”. We will take steps (like adding |sheriffduty tag to irc names etc) also we have with the target to have that name on treeherder.
Also we try to make sure to Set Needinfo requests on Backouts.
In any case, backouts are never meant to be personal and it’s part of our job to try our best to keep our trees open for developers. We also try to provide as much information as possible in the bug for why we
backed out a change.
3. Things we can improve in general (not just sheriffs) ?
A interesting Idea in the Feedback we got was about Automation. We will follow up from the Feedback and i already filed for the Idea of having a “Backout Button” in Treeherder in case no Sheriff is around etc – more bugs from ideas to improve general stuff and workflows will follow.
Again thanks for taking part in the Survey and if you have questions/feedback/concerns/ideas you can of course contact me / the team at anytime !
– Tomcat

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