Firefox Marketplace: March 8th – April 3rd

This is a weekly post focusing on the status of the Firefox Marketplace. Because of holidays, PyCon and then more holidays, this post is a little delayed and covers a few weeks.

  • Total bugs open: 464
  • Total bugs opened last two weeks: 232
  • Total bugs closed last two weeks: 233

Most of the changes revolve around the API. There are endpoints added for the homepage, login, ratings and more. For more information on the Marketplace API, please check out the documentation.

The primary consumer of the API right now is fireplace the packaged app for the Marketplace. There have been a lot of changes in fireplace including search results, ratings and more.

We are currently migrating the existing Get Personas site over to the Add-ons site. For more information read our blog post.

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  1. Wil Clouser wrote on :

    more bugs closed than opened! 🙂