is becoming read-only

We’re in the final stretch of the migration from to AMO! On Thursday, 3/28 at approximately 2pm PDT, will become read-only—this means you won’t be able to create an account or log in. It also means you won’t be able to submit any new themes until the migration is complete, in about 1-2 weeks.

Once the migration is done, traffic to will be redirected to, and you will be able to create accounts, log in, and submit new themes from there.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

2 responses

  1. Silver Angel wrote on :

    How do I add a persona from the lists to a collection? I did try, but had to type in the actual name of the Persona….is this the only way? I had about 40 Personas in My Favourites which didn’t migrate over, do i have to type in the name of every one again? Or can I just click on FAV? NB I tried that, didn’t work…that’s a lot of work if that’s the only way to add a new persona to my list….so far, not happy Jan….
    Please help Amy….
    Thanks x

    1. Amy Tsay wrote on :

      Hi x, the migration won’t be complete until the end of this week, so your favorites won’t be on AMO until then. Please see this comment for more information on how to add themes to a collection. Thanks!