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Late August rotation of the AMO featured add-ons list

As we near the end the month of August, we have rotated the featured add-ons on the AMO site. I’ve previously described the process we use on AMO for rotating the featured and recommended add-ons.

Some of the new entrants to the recommended list include a few of the Extend Firefox 3 contest winners such as: Pencil, Tagmarks, Read It Later and

Check out the AMO featured add-on list for the end of August 2008.

2 comments on “Late August rotation of the AMO featured add-ons list”

  1. Leif wrote on

    Editorial note: I don’t see Pencil or Read It Later in the featured add-on list on AMO.

  2. bhashem wrote on

    @Leif: There are multiple lists. “Featured” add-ons are rotated into the front page of AMO. Pencil & Read It Later have been placed on the category recommended lists for Web Development tools and Bookmarks. You can see Pencil here and Read It Later here.