Add-on SDK Workshop coming to London Sept 29th

Interested in learning how to create fantastic Firefox add-ons with the Add-on SDK and Builder? Join the Jetpack team in London, UK on September 29th for an evening of workshops that will get you started hacking on compatibility-proof, re-startless, testable addons using the many features of the SDK.

The workshop will include a general introduction to the Add-on SDK and the online Builder tool, followed by 3 tracks of breakout sessions. The breakout sessions will be help for smaller groups of 30-40 people to allow for more interactivity. Each breakout session will be given 3 times to ensure that all attendees can participate in each session. The sessions are as follows:

  1. Interacting with Web Content
    The SDK includes a powerful module for interacting with and modifying page content. In this workshop you wil learn how to use popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery to dramatically alter the look and behaviour of a web page, as well as manage communications between your add-on and the modified pages.
  2. Adding to the Firefox UI
    A key part of many Firefox add-ons is their ability to integrate with the Firefox UI.
    This session will guide you through the various techniques the Add-on SDK exposes to integrate your add-on with Firefox.
  3. Libraries & Modules: The Key to Generativity
    The Add-on SDK uses the CommonJS format to allow developers to easily create and share re-usable modules. This workshop guides you through hands-on exercises designed to illustrate usability and security concerns when creating re-usable code.

Note: All sessions are meant to get you writing code straight away! Please ensure you bring a Wifi-capable laptop to really benefit from the hands-on format.

When & where

The workshop is being held at City University in London starting at 6PM, initially in the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre (OTLT). We expect the breakout workshops to conclude around 10:30PM.

Register Now!

Registration is free on a first-come, first serve basis:

4 responses

  1. Krishna wrote on :

    will there be a video recording of the video ?? Or at least a written alternative???

  2. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

    Video might be difficult to provide for this event, but my goal is to ensure that there are slides posted and companion blog posts for each presentation, and that the blog posts link to working examples of all the code hosted on Builder.

  3. arky wrote on :

    Good luck Jeff. Please do share the presentation and example code.

    Wish we had an similar workshop in Asia.

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      Hey arky:

      I will be sharing the presentation, and we’re attempting to record the London workshops.

      Are you attending Mozcamp Asia? If I gave you the materials do you think someone there could lead the workshop? I’d love to come down for Mozcamp Asia but the timing isn’t right – hoping for next year!!