New email notifications on AMO

Earlier today we launched the first part of a revamp of our email notifications system that offers more fine-grained control over the notifications you receive, as well as one-click unsubscribe. You can read more about this revamp on the WebDev Blog.

Add-on developers will likely notice this new system very soon, as they’ll begin receiving emails when users write reviews of their add-ons. Additionally, when developers reply to a user’s review, that user will now receive an email with the response. This has been one of AMO’s most-requested features for years, so we’re very happy to make it available.

Screenshot of opt out tool

We’re continuing to roll out more pages in our new design over the coming weeks and look forward to hearing your feedback on them.

3 responses

  1. Mingyi wrote on :

    That sounds great! Sometimes the users whose comments I replied to simply do not visit addon page any more, making it impossible to convey explanation/fixes to the users. This’ll solve it, thanks!

  2. V wrote on :

    Very nice. You guys are just one step away from adding a very needed feature: request support form, so visitors would not ask questions or report bugs in the reviews (or at least it could potentially cut down on such “reviews”)…

    1. Anonymous wrote on :

      That is indeed an excellent idea! About a third or half of the reviews for my add-on are support requests. Having a “support request form” could hopefully limit this number.

      If the user has to fill in name, mail and support request and can use the form without registration – pretty much like here to submit a new comment – this might help users to get support and don’t get disappointed – because their review does get deleted or does not get answered – as well.

      Then the “support request form” should generate a new mail to the developers email address.