Add-on SDK: weekly update for Aug. 30th, 2011


The London and SFO-area Add-on SDK workshop planning is moving full steam ahead:

  • Blog posts announcing the London workshop.
  • We’re close to booking a venue for the bay-area workshop, should have news later this week!

Weekly Dev Meeting notes

  • Add-on SDK 1.1 RC1 builds will be rolled this afternoon, any remaining fixes must be in before then.
  • 1.1 release is on track for September 13.
  • bug-specific discussions:
    • not landing docs bug 659478 for 1.1, will mitigate via blogging
    • bug 649889: async I/O discussion
    • bug 682167: visibility of some globals in a sandbox
  • testing AMO add-on repacks to mitigate incompatibilities between Firefox Beta and SDK 1.0 that are fixed in 1.1.
  • Wes has updated the SDK Bug Dashboard:

Full minutes are available here:

The Add-on SDK team meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10AM Pacific. For information on how to participate, please see these instructions: