Add-on SDK Workshops coming to Mountain View Oct. 17th

Update: unfortunately this event has been postponed until further notice. Please keep an eye on the addons blog for an announcement of this event once we reschedule it.


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4 responses

  1. Jan wrote on :

    Hello, you often have workshops for add-ons. Can you tell me when the next workshop starts and in which city? The date in Mountain View I have no time. Thank you

    1. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

      Hi Jan,

      We’ve postponed the event for now; I am hoping to schedule a similar event in the Bay area sometime in November.

  2. Jeff Griffiths wrote on :

    Hi Jan,

    Currently we have workshops planned in London ( next week! ) and Mountain View ( October 17th ) but have not yet planned where we will go after that. Do you have suggestions?

  3. Jan wrote on :

    Thanks for the quick responses. Now I have no suggestion. Simply wanted to get informed. Thank you